We have a network of accredited business advisers who specialize in all aspects of the business. We are committed to putting the needs of the customer first, and deliver solutions to meet your needs, using locally based venues and advisers.

If you are in the throes of setting up a business, we know how frustrating it can be if you can't access the help you need quickly and easily. We aim to be the local one-stop source of help, and if we can't provide the solutions you need, we provide that vital link to those that can.

MCC Business Solutions is the business support arm of Merton Chamber of Commerce. We are a one-stop source of help for local business and the services outlined here complement a wide range of support available through partner agencies. You will find us professional, friendly and always willing to listen

Our services are quite versatile we offer a wide range of them that include things such as advice, information, specialized training, support, and consultancy. Of course, you don’t need to use every service that we offer if you don’t have the need for them. However, it is recommended after all, from a little help and advice you will not suffer. Our team of professionals that has more than a decade of experience in working on these services will do anything in order to provide the highest quality. That is because we know that quality is very important for our clients and we are prepared to do everything just to provide the best service.